Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is SciArchives?
    Ans: - SciArchives is a common platform for different publishers, journals etc to provide various academic contents electronically. See the details in about SciArchives.
  2. Is there a fee for individual's registration?
    Ans: There is no fee for individual's registration. However, there may be a fee if any content is downloaded from SciArchives.
  3. How can I download a paper from SciArchives?
    Ans: If you have logged in through your institutional subscription, you may download any content depending on your institution's subscription within the institution premises. As an individual subscriber you may download using your login credentials.
  4. My institution has SciArchives subscription but I am unable to download anything from SciArchives?
    Ans: SciArchives detects your location based on your internet connection. If you are not connected through you institutional internet or not in institutional premises you wouldn't be able to download anything from SciArchives. Please check your internet connection.
  5. I can download some content but can't all through my institutional subscription, why?
    Ans: Your institution doesn't have the subscription for the content you are looking for. To download that particular content please login either through your individual credentials and buy that or ask your institute to start a subscription for that.
  6. I was able to download a particular content in the past but not now, why?
    Ans: Either your institute has discontinued the subscription from the same or third party has discontinued the same from SciArchives. If a third party discontinues from SciArchives, we need to discontinue the same from subscribers.
  7. Is the redistribution of the content downloaded from SciArchives restricted?
    Ans: Yes, redistribution of any content downloaded from SciArchives is strictly prohibited and also protected by the publishers/journals copyrights
  8. Is there an additional fee to promote an event through SciArchives?
    Ans: In many cases, yes but it depends on the packages selected by event organizers.
  9. Is it safe to upload journals/publishers/conference data to SciArchives?
    Ans: Yes, SciArchives keeps journal/publishers/conferences or any third party data secure and does not disclose to anyone in any case. SciArchives understand clearly that third party's data is the property of third party and committed to keep it secure and safe to the best of it.
  10. What will happen to publishers/journals/conference or third party data when they discontinue with SciArcives?
    Ans: If a third party discontinue with the SciArchives, third party data will be immediately returned to them and removed all the data from SciArchives database. However, third party data may be retained upon agreement for ease in case third party likes to join SciArchives again. In any case, SciArchives will not use any third party data for any of its purpose afterwards and it'll become unavailable to its users immediately.
  11. How would ScArchives use individual's personal information?
    Ans: SciArchives might use/share user's data with its associates or other parties to promote an event etc. Please see the SciArchives private policy to know in details.
  12. What is the accuracy of the content provided through SciArchives?
    Ans: SciArchives collects the data from various sources. The accuracy of the data will depend on third party therefore SciArchives has no responsibility of the accuracy of the data.
  13. What are the charges of SciArchives?
    Ans: SciArchives charges vary with different packages and time to time. For details please contact us.